henry-and-mikeGood morning and thank you for coming to the official Grand Opening Day for what is actually the Head Office now of our company, Creative Funding Solutions, in the Manor Royal Business Park here in Crawley. I know some of you here suddenly find yourself through no choice necessarily of your own having to live next door to us and I hope you will find us as your new neighbours to be active participants in this community. Especially if you should ever require a business loan.

Let me tell you a bit about myself as the founder and sole proprietor of Creative™. We have a member of the Government’s Education team with us today, so I hope he won’t mind if I start by saying that I have followed in the footsteps of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs insofar as I left education quite early, having not bothered with university but choose instead to follow my passion and work.

Life as a business owner, as I know well not just from my own experience but also in understanding and representing our clients as they undertake the same process, is about making a choice. We help our clients to understand the opportunity that they have before them, and to make the most of it. Then, once that choice has been made, as a business owner you need to commit to it. It’s not enough to simply make a choice, but you must make it decisively, with commitment, of time and resources, to demonstrate your belief in the choice that you’ve made. At Creative™ we not only empower you in the decision making process, but we strive to expedite your time and deliver access to the kind of financial resources you need to make things happen more quickly than they would otherwise. We empower you to achieve. We empower you to succeed.

As a business owner I love success. In the end, I would like to think that everyone does. I certainly think it is within everyone to be successful. And to be successful sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice comfort. When I first started Creative™ in 2009 I had been in a job with a multinational bank which paid me well and that I was comfortable with. I moved from there into a single room office without support. Now we’ve had to move twice since then to accommodate our expansion, and naturally we are very proud to demonstrate our belief in choosing Manor Royal Business Park by making a commitment to move here for the long-term. Pain, thank God, is transient, like the process of moving, whilst success is a thing you build that will last.

So make like Richard Branson, and follow your heart. Listen to your inner voice. Be self-reliant, but build your team around you. Build something that lasts. Our honorary guest here today is a man who also ran his own business right here in Crawley, and who then went on to become the youngest County Council leader in the country, before moving on from there to become an MP and thereafter to join the Government of David Cameron and it is now Theresa May. I would say that he joins with us in having a bright future ahead, except that I know he’s the Secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on Southern Rail, but this morning he’s made it and I have great delight in introducing the Honorable Henry Smith MP….