Creative Funding Solutions Ltd is a brokerage regulated by the FCA and its services are advertised through this website to introduce you to a wide panel of lenders who may or may not offer you a loan and who may pay us a commission for doing so.


venB2B Finance for your customers too

Creative’s customers already admire our business model, because they know it works for them. Everything that business funding solutions can do for you, Creative can do on your behalf, for your customers too. Just think of the advantages this could bring your UK business in the years ahead.

A vendor finance program costs your company nothing to implement and provides a huge range of benefits. An experienced and professional team will provide the administration and the expertise. Our flexible approach to finance allows you to provide these sales aid products in a way best suited to your business. Ask for a consultation now. *B2B sector only.

What can Creative do for you?

  • Prompt Payment – vendors receive immediate payment, regardless of your customer’s standard payment terms.
  • Approved Credit – we underwrite the customer immediately upon receipt of proposal form ensuring that, subject to acceptance, funds are in place prior to ordering / equipment installation.
  • Increased Sales Opportunity – provide a line of credit to potential customers who cannot or do not wish to borrow from their own banking facilities.
  • Reduced Competition – the provision of a funding facility offers a more complete service to your potential customers.
  • New Markets – Some markets, particularly the public sector, are keen to fund assets using lease agreements.
  • Sales Leads – We alert you to sales opportunities when a customer’s existing lease is drawing to a close, or when their credit line has been extended.


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