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35What To Do With Commercial Mortgages

Free yourself from restrictive leases, give yourself purchasing power and invest in commercial property. As a developer, you can release equity tied up in your business property, increase your working capital, pay off those expensive short term loans, improve your revenue with a timely investment… and the list goes on.

Rental money is lost income, but mortgage repayments can secure you a valuable asset. Mortgage interest payments are likely to be tax deductible, and some lenders will even let you sublet.


A Premier Service

Whether you’re looking to boost cash flow or restructure your current finance, you should call your agent and get him on the case right away.

For those of you without an agent, Creative will appoint a personal account manager to the task. They do the same job, delivering those all-important contracts at a fraction of the cost! And you don’t even need to learn how to play ball. Although sometimes it helps to move the goalposts a little: refinancing your property could help you.