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Access funds before they are earned with Cash Flow Financing


This financing option can be used for major purchases, or to fund operations attracting revenue. In effect the applicant business sells a stake in their future earnings today, giving them access to funds ahead of their earnings.

The repayment schedule for this kind of lending correlates with the company’s projected future revenue and cash flow.

Operational demands, such as payroll, are a fantastic reason for cash flow financing. In addition, upgrading premises, refurbishing, additional staff or stock can give you greater earning power allowing you to examine your cash flow financing options.

Speculate on what you could accumulate through cash flow funding. It’s highly likely that some of your rivals already have.

Types of cash flow financing include secured and unsecured business loans, merchant terminal advances, stocking loans, invoice discounting and factoring.

The benefits of using Creative to open up your cash flow financing are:

  • That it’s fast – you could get a response and pay-out on the same day, if you don’t delay in supplying the necessary paperwork
  • That it’s easy – we have a very good idea of where you can get precisely the money you need
  • That it’s predictable – you can run your business a lot more smoothly with the right product

Cash Flow Services


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