What You Said About Creative Funding Solutions

What do our customers think of us?

Surrey Ambulance ServiceRoger says “…given the timely manner of the effort you made to understand, and quantify, in financial terms, the necessary equipment to a specialised service such as ours, Sites Ambulance Service and its users must…commend you for your contribution… and going forward, I am happy to say, we are able to deliver a service which meets that expectation.” 

PaulPaul Williams for HCF:  What we did initially for Sites was to leverage their asset potential, first by an unsecured loan, a cash injection of £40,000, which was enough to buy 2 ambulances at auction. As soon as they took ownership of these we were able simply to refinance the vehicles so that Sites could use that money again to buy another two ambulances. Not bad from a standing start! That’s why we’re different. Our creative funding solution has meant that Sites were able to refresh and add to their fleet, when your run-of-the-mill asset finance company just would not have been able to do the job.

Roger Fuller, Director, Sites Ambulance Service


Super ScaffoldingPhil says “…saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to keep giving the same information on each vehicle…” 

PaulPaul Williams for HCF:  We’ve been able to help Phil with several acquisitions. Not only have we always been able to finance his vehicles, which is bread and butter to a company like ours, but we’ve been able to provide other funding options for less tangible equipment such as scaffolding poles. That’s the kind of service that sets us apart from the rest.

Phil Taylor, Director, Super Scaffolding


Harlequin Civil EngineeringNeil says “…very practical approach to saving money” 

TriciaTricia Kelly of HCF:  What have we been able to do? Well, in the case of Harlequin Civil Engineering and others, we’ve been able to group transactions together so that they are treated as a single transaction, to which only the ordinary transaction costs will apply. For Neil we financed 12 HGVs – the best part of £500,000! – on a single finance agreement, saving a small fortune in administrative fees. I think it’s true to say that we always go the extra mile to save your company money.

Neil Cheeseman, Director, Harlequin Civil Engineering Ltd


Kelly Van HirePatrick says “…It’s just good to know that I’ve always got someone to turn to who I know will do their best to help me. Someone who understands my business and values it as it really is. I know it’s not just a tick box exercise when I’m dealing with you.” 

MikeMike Lowe for HCF:
 We’ve dealt with this local van hire company of 40 vehicles since the early days of their business, and really feel we’ve contributed to their success. Obtaining funding can be tricky for sole traders, especially in the absence of proper accounts. We can be proud of our record. Creative Funding Solutions has always been able to make an offer, however hard it has seemed.

Patrick Kelly, Proprietor, Kelly Van Hire


iChauffeurWill says “…you were able to get me a deal when they weren’t. Absolutely essential service therefore…” 

RussellRussell Norman for HCF:  Now of course we’ve financed several luxury vehicles for Will – you might guess we’d do that – it’s what we’re expected to do in the financial services industry, after all – but would you expect him to pick up the phone and use us as a sounding board from time to time? Will likes to discuss his future purchasing plans with us, just so as to gather another opinion. That’s because he trusts us. And we have never let him down.

Will Senior, Director, iChauffeur


ADS Skip HireAndrew says “…I’ve never been able to get funding for industrial wheelie bins before, and it’s good to know that existing customers get the same quick service as I got when I first used you. In fact, it was quicker…” 

MikeMike Lowe for HCF:  This company is a great example of just how creative we can be when it comes to recognising the value of an asset. We’ve financed skip loaders, commercial vehicles and even bins for them. Yes -wheelie bins! All it takes is one call, no matter what the asset is, because we’re here to release the value tied up in it. Not many finance companies would be happy to say that. But then – that’s why we’re different, isn’t it?

Andrew Stevens, Director, ADS Skip Hire Ltd


Gary says “Fast… efficient… personal touch… These days I don’t bother calling anyone else.” 

TriciaTricia Kelly for HCF:  Garry knows we will get him the best deal possible. We’ve always looked after our existing customers. Business is business, and you can’t take customer loyalty for granted. Just because you helped somebody once, doesn’t mean they always have to use you. You have to help them every time you can.

Garry Gray, Director, Grays Transport Ltd