Need Finance For Road Haulage?

We can help you.

We don’t have to tell you there are major liquidity problems across the industry. You know all about it. What we know is how to enable you to purchase new rolling stock which is more reliable and more efficient. Whether you are looking to expand, following the demise of your competitors, or simply refreshing your fleet to keep up with them we can certainly help.

So why should we use Creative Funding Solutions?


✓ We’ve got credit facilities which don’t tie up your current banking, leaving your own funds available for future projects

✓ We can offer you structured finance with planned rebates as required

✓ You could take advantage of our special Low Rate Finance

✓ Extended Term Finance offers repayment plans over not just 60, but anything up to a very convenient 72 or even 84 months

✓ We offer Low Deposit options

✓ And multiple vehicle/ franchise credit lines

✓ Crucially, we are not tied to 1 funding source or lending criteria,and you shouldn’t give your business to anyone who is!

You will be assigned a unique account manager. They are dedicated to the understanding of your business and its requirements. As your liaison and first point of contact with Creative Funding Solutions, it’s their job to cement a long and enduring partnership between us.

Face to face meetings are preferred so that our transaction and your forthcoming requirements can be adequately discussed. This gives us the opportunity to really know you and your specific needs; no two clients are ever the same. Therefore you have the benefit of a professional service and not a generic call centre where no one really knows or cares who you are.


These days more and more of our clients have previously struggled to obtain finance, even from the reliable sources formerly known to them.

We’ve been able to step in and help in the following circumstances:

✓ New start

✓ When exposure has reached the maximum in all other channels

✓ In the event of a downturn in profitability or liquidity

✓ Clients requiring an increase in cash flow, in which case we can refinance any unencumbered assets

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