Creative Funding Solutions is a finance brokerage. Yes, I know that sounds boring to you, but believe me it’s genuinely exciting for us! Let me tell you that the secret to providing something of value as an intermediary is your timing, and expertise. Our expertise comes from our specialist account management. We can specialise because we’ve got a wide panel of over 50 funders with a plethora of product offerings and underwriting concerns, all of which we have extensive experience of – basically, when it comes to funding your business we know exactly what we’re doing, and probably have a team dedicated to your sector. That’s why we place tens of millions of pounds worth of business with our funders every year. That’s why we have access to preferential rates and exclusive funding lines that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why we’re excited!

Ok; I don’t expect you to differentiate between all these boring finance companies. (That after all will be our job.) Even though we specialise in sectors like roadside recovery, emergency response and hire company finance, clients across the UK come to us often wanting the same thing. Our clients are largely business owners looking to leverage future profits and share the risk of capital investment with a supply of reliable external funding, and speed up the process of growth. It makes business sense, which is why our business makes sense. They trust in us to deliver funding solutions you can depend on, in the knowledge that we act according to values of respect, integrity, service, longevity and stewardship. Thousands of our customers have benefited from an early investment in capital expenditure, and I’m glad to say they are investing right now.

If our clients are our lifeblood, then our specialist Account Managers are the heartbeat of our operation. It’s hard to satisfy one of our Account Managers, and it is especially hard to satisfy them before they reach their own goal of satisfying a client’s requirement. Complacency will not be tolerated. We’re hard-headed like that. Self-satisfied and happy-go-lucky types are two of the most dangerous personalities for a business that wants to deliver wealth-creating solutions. Now when I work out, I always try to do better than I’ve ever done before. That’s the mind-set we’re looking for in every colleague. By always striving for more, Account Managers are able to add flesh to the bones of ideas, strip out the fat and unleash the growth potential of both your business and ours.

In a new starter, for example, we don’t look for academic achievement. We look for achievement. Becoming an Account Manager starts with thinking like an entrepreneur. Our Account Managers have a natural inclination towards finding their own path, creating their own vision, and making it real. Being able to blaze your own trail, be creative and find new funding solutions is part of the way we do business for clients. That’s why we are what we are.

Listen, a successful Account Manager grows into the role. They aren’t made overnight. Typically we see a six month period of personal expansion as new starters realise the potential that we know they’ve got bursting out of them. Whether you have that great idea or not, the means to accomplish it or not, creating enormous revenue takes an equally enormous amount of effort sustained over a long time. Persistence and devoted energy over a sustained period of time is necessary to see your dream through to fruition. You know that, if you’re a small business owner. Now tell me, why should our Account Managers be any different?

They aren’t. But it’s not all hard work. Successful people can make friends with anyone, and that’s also a part of the job. To execute deals and grow business, you need to be able to get along with people. You need to build empathy. You need to be able to connect with people and earn their trust. An Account Manager’s ability to persuade and communicate with other people is pivotal to their ability to succeed.

So we have our client. They have an Account Manager they can trust, just when they need them. Their Account Manager is an expert in their sector, tirelessly exploring funding options on their behalf – discovering their requirement – opening their eyes to the possibilities and pitching to them – and for them – from the heart. That’s the start of a beautiful relationship. One of the oldest ideas – an intermediary, a mediator, a go-between, a broker – like us.

But new revenue doesn’t just come from old ideas. Our Account Managers will have to find their own way after making a start. That’s why we look for an innate ability to innovate, to create new ideas, and to take common ideas and turn them inside-out. How do you do that, you may ask? Well it’s not rocket science; in fact it comes from a common, everyday business idea itself. We’re finding problems, understanding businesses, and creating solutions to problems. That’s why we’re called Creative Funding Solutions. What you do is in the end who you are.

Do you want to be successful? So do we. Rarely is the winning lottery ticket handed to you, and we’re not sitting around waiting for that. We’re building a team because we want to take the prize of our own volition. Being successful requires a talented team to back you up. We couldn’t do our jobs without the help of other people. If you can engage others to help you achieve your goals, you will go further than you would alone. That’s life, and we don’t stand against it. Nobody is born with the ability to do everything on their own. We have a fully staffed sales support team ready to assist our Account Managers in any way they can. And we stand ready to help anyone who turns to us in pursuit of their goals.

If you do want to be successful, you have to take risks. Every Account Manager has had to take a big risk at some point in their career, by stepping away from the funder, manufacturer or broker they worked for before. We only hire Account Managers with experience but who are willing to learn. To be successful, you need to find mentors who understand how to go about achieving your goals, because they’ve been there before. New goals may require new mentors, a new team behind you, a way of getting fresh help.

Our advice is free at the point of service, although we will earn a commission from the funder for our work. In fact I’m starting right now, because I already have some free advice for you: look beyond the horizons of your existing funding mentor, if you even have one, and put yourself in the hands of a team that really love to arrange the right deal.

By Mike Lowe, Director of Creative Funding Solutions Limited, and proud to be a finance broker.