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4From conception to completion

In 2008, the credit crunch transformed the way businesses operated. As the financial belt tightened, many had to quickly adjust the way their businesses were funded and either embrace the new climate or risk annihilation.

Fearful for the future, financial institutions and many other large businesses hoarded capital and as a consequence, growth investment ground to a halt. The banks stopped lending to sensible small business people or imposed restrictive conditions such as large deposits and shorter borrowing terms.

Out of this challenging environment, we were born.

5A Structured Solution

We were a product of the prevailing conditions; Creative™ responded to the demand for convenient investment credit. Even today, our funding options are handpicked from over 25 different lenders, each with unique contributions to our range of flexible business funding products.

Refreshingly creative, we are able to deliver exceptional, transparent service and funding solutions to businesses. Our extensive knowledge and understanding enable us to clearly understand your needs and make a funding offer bespoke to your needs – even when other lenders would not.

From conception to completion, a dedicated account manager brings their wealth of experience and first-class competence to structure any commercial financial deal.

We structure our solutions to fit your budget and circumstances. Bespoke solutions like deferring VAT until you can afford to pay it, or switching your business to a balloon lease with low initial outlay and monthly rentals help our customers to focus on what they do best while growing their business.

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Our personal promises to you

Our funding solutions are as individual as you. The Creative™ customer liaison programme is comprehensive and designed for your business. Face-to-face meetings, dedicated account management, on site visits and out-of-hours availability are all part of the Creative™ offering.
Our bespoke financial packages are tailor-made to suit your requirements. We work with the people behind the brand.
We understand that finding the right financial solution for your business is hard, however our experienced team work with you to really understand your business and offer the best financial solution for you.
We have industry specific specialists and we invest in the communities we serve. If you want commitment, we’ve demonstrated it, time and again. Why settle for any less?
And you can share in ours. Exploit our inside knowledge and strong business relationships now and see the bigger picture.
Creative™ offer a P2P finance facility if appropriate to your business. Your account manager can discuss all the options open to you.
That’s why we offer full UK coverage, and not just the mainland. We want to work with you, wherever you are.
We structure deals to meet the vicissitudes of business in the modern marketplace. We understand that your business can change at a moments notice and are able to support you.
Refreshing your fleet? Let us remarket your de-fleeted vehicles for you. We make it our business so you don’t have to.
Finance can be proposed, approved, signed AND paid within 24 hours of your enquiry.

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